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Popular Egyptian singer, Sherine sentenced to prison over River Nile joke

Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has been sentenced to six months in prison for joking about

You all need to watch this funny video… lol

You need to watch this hilarious video… lol.. Kindly watch and share… Y’all better watch this

Rapper Jay Z slams US President, Donald Trump – “His administration is a joke”

American rap star, Jay Z, in an interview with BBC on Friday, the 22nd day of

Humor: Video of the day… lol

Ever wondered what real heartbreak looks/feels like? Well, here it is ???? ” "@GalacticoHD: Ever wondered

Funny Video!! If someone from Nigeria is a Nigerian – What is someone from Burkina Faso called? (Watch)

I swear some people are verified olodo.. han han These olodo people just wan kill us

See the moment, wrong National Anthem was played for Nigeria football team at the Rio 2016 Olympics (Video)

The Olympic football team of Nigeria kicked off their campaign on a high note after claiming

Man apologizes for voting APC (Photo) [Another Laugh]

This man is really regretting ever voting for the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the last

Look at what this young lady is wearing (Photo)

The lady is wearing Spar supermarket shopping nylon bags as top and skirt. Just wondering, is

A guy tells his girlfriend to boil water and saw this – Another Laugh (Photo)

What will you do to your girlfriend if you walked into the kitchen and saw this

Desperate Man & Sharp Lady – Another Laugh (Video)

Desperate Man & Sharp Lady – The girls are serious with their hustle these days. Christmas

Two 5-year-olds dig tunnel out of nursery ‘to buy Jaguar’

Prison Break. Lol!! Two 5-year-old Russian boys used spades to dig their way out of their

Look at what happens when your Ex Girlfriend has a male friend (Photo) – Another Laugh

Another Laugh. Lol.. This is what happens when your former girlfriend while you were dating her,

Look at how they made Gov. Oshiomhole beautiful (Photo)

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, who has been very vocal in the fight against corruption and PDP

Bovi – The Innocent Man (Video) [Another Laugh]

Watch as husband gets caught by his wife, this is what happens when married men keep

Look at this Rough Guy (Photo) – Another Laugh

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