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Funny dance steps by a couple (Video)

CCheck out the funny dance steps by a couple… lol.. Watch below;

Between Bovi and a fan begging for money for his child’s naming ceremony

Bovi be tackling a fan who asked him for money for his child’s naming ceremony! The

Humor: Some funny videos on Twitter

Here are some funny videos on Twitter this morning. Enjoy and share. Thank you "@SIySP0RTSNewsHQ: That's

Two masquerades fight in Lagos (Video)

Music icon, Daddy Showkey, shared a video on his page. See photos below: Watch Video below:

Some amazing videos on Twitter Today

Some amazing videos on Twitter today. Enjoy and share. Thank you "@arceetwins: Show this video to

Emmanuella Samuel: Comedienne featured on CNN as she hits 1million subscribers

Kid comedian, Emmanuella Samuel recently hit one million subscribers on her YouTube channel and CNN couldn’t

So hilarious: Man staring at a woman on the street ends up on the floor… See how it happened (Video)

A video has shown the moment a man ended up on the floor while staring at

Hilarious dance moves of a groom at his wedding ( Video)

Watch the funny and hilarious way the groom at wedding at his wedding during their entrance

VIDEO: Bride and groom fall off back of luxury car

It wasn’t funny at all for a bride and groom and their guests after the couple

Some funny videos on Twitter

Some funny videos on Twittter this morning… lol.. Enjoy and kindly share. Thank you ??? When

Lady visits a guy at his hostel, crowd of guys wait outside to HAIL HIM (Photos)

We understand the fact that Nigerians are the most hilarious set of Africans on Planet Earth.

See the ridiculous notice found at FUTA

A proof of how Funny we can be in this country. enforcement as been reduced to

Too Hilarious! This campaign billboard of a politician in Lagos is a must-see (Photo)

As the Lagos state local government election is gathering momentum, politicians are campaigning to get the

Awkward couples you would ever see (Photos)… lol

Sometimes when two people meet, they fall in love and stay together regardless of what some

Humor: Some funny videos on Twitter today

Some funny videos on twitter today. lol.. Dont laugh alone, kindly share. Thank you. Here are

Some funny tweets and videos on Twitter this morning… lol..

Some funny tweets and videos trending this morning on Twitter…. lol Don’t laugh alone, kindly share..

Disgruntled bank customer bring ‘female strippers’ to Banking Hall (Photos)… lol

A fed-up bank customer brought two strippers to his local branch in a bizarre attempt to

Humor: Nigeria Vs New Zealand: How they responded when whale were washed ashore(Photos)

The images show the difference between how Nigerians react to washed up sea animals and how