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Nigeria now third worst governed country in the world

Reactions have continued to trail the recent publication by the Chandler Good Government Index CGGI, rating Nigeria as the third worst governed country in the world.

CGGI, a group that monitors governance index across the globe, had a few days ago released the 2021 list of 104 countries with good governance.

Finland, with an index score of 0.848, ranked first on the CGGI list. Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, and Denmark ranked second, third, fourth and fifth on the CGGI list, respectively.

The report, however, ranked Nigeria very low in governance, leadership, and foresight, scoring the country 102 out of the 104 countries that were monitored.

Nigeria has just a score of 0.319 points, ahead of Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

The CGGI cited leadership as the basis for the ranking, stating that, “Good governance begins with good leadership”.

This is not unconnected with the numerous challenges bedevilling the country birthed by bad governance in both the federal, state and local governments.

The index rankings were based on seven pillars, which included: leadership and foresight, robust laws and policies, strong institutions, financial stewardship, attractive marketplace, global influence and reputation as well as helping people rise.

According to CGGI, the points ranged from zero to one, zero being the lowest and one the highest, Nigeria, which is the most populated African nation, did not score up to 0.50 in any of the indices.

Nigeria has more than 200 ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) but it was ranked 0.19 in Strong Institutions. Lack of accountability and transparency, corruption and other negative vices have characterised government agencies.

With the ranking, countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique are better governed than Nigeria.

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