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People I took to Buhari discussed how to end insecurity, not contracts –Mbaka replies Presidency

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu (AMEN), Father Ejike Mbaka, has replied claims by the Presidency that he had demanded for contracts as compensation for supporting President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 and 2019 presidential elections.

Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, had accused the priest of visiting the President with three contractors to beg that they should be given contracts after Mbaka called for Buhari’s resignation or impeachment over the high level of insecurity in the country.

But while addressing the issue during a sermon on Sunday, Mbaka said the men were security experts who sought his assistance in meeting Buhari where they made a presentation on how they can help the government fight the scourge of insecurity in Nigeria.

According to the Catholic priest, before the men approached him, he had no personal relationship with them.

“In Nigeria, if you say the truth, they attack you. I’m not discouraged and I’ve been waiting for them to challenge everything I said. Challenge the truth, whether there is insecurity or not ” Mbaka said.

“Somebody talked about giving me contracts and I started laughing. I’m not here to defend any allegation.

“Buhari government is not giving me money or contract. It is a laughable and childish accusation. It is a shame to whoever is saying that and to the people he is representing.

“The three men Shehu talked about; the contract they asked for was for them not me. These three men had gadgets, facilities to handle insecurity during the first term of Buhari.

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“They said they had a platform to end insecurity in a month. I don’t know these people. They just asked me to help them reach the government and I handed them over to the government.

“These are the three people they rejected their offer. I’m not begging them. Do they know how many people I feed. I don’t have their number.

“Which contract did they deny me of? Do they know how many widows and children I’m taking care of?”

Mbaka also warned the Presidency to stop attacking those who say the truth and tackle insecurity, adding that even Shehu is not immune to being killed by bandits.

“Be careful in your choice of words and be wise. If anybody says the truth, the person is a terrorist. I do my charity without their support. I thank Ugwuanyi (Anambra State governor) who has created an enabling environment here for me.

“Garba Shehu that is talking, the bandits can kill him too. No amount of security can save them if things get worse.

“They have shown they don’t have reward mechanism. Shehu should be apologising to me.

“With the support of the government of Enugu, God has given me the grace to do all my projects. If I can be doing this, the federal government should do more.”

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