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Terrorism: kidnappers, Yahoo boys calling for Pantami’s sack – Islamic group, MURIC

Those calling for Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Planning, to resign and be fired have been dismissed by the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC.

Kidnappers, Yahoo people, and robbers, according to MURIC, are calling for Pantami’s sack.

Internet fraudsters and kidnappers opposing the National Identity Number, or NIN, registration process are funding what the community requests “baseless calls” for Pantami’s resignation.

Following the resurfacing of an audio recording of the minister’s past teachings in which he backed Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Nigerians have been calling for his resignation or dismissal.

Pantami, however, distanced himself from such extremist groups.

He admitted making such controversial comments but claimed his perception has changed.

However, MURIC, in a statement by its Director, Ishaq Akintola urged Pantami not to resign.

The statement reads partly: “It is a baseless call, and it should be ignored. After all, the US itself has denied it. Pantami has been enjoying unhindered multiple entries to the US for a very long time.

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“Even Facebook, the US-based social media giant had Pantami’s picture on Facebook’s digital board for several hours as a mark of honor and respect during one of his numerous visits to that country.

“Forces opposed to the Federal Government’s NIN agenda, Boko Haram terrorists, pirates, criminals in general, and political IDPs, Internally Displaced Politicians, are waging a smear campaign.

“It is a well-known fact that NIN is designed to expose the true identity of criminals like Yahoo Yahoo boys, bandits and kidnappers who use the internet and telephone to extort money from foreigners and families of kidnapped victims.”

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