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Catholic Priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu discloses he’s being threatened by Odumeje’s people

Catholic priest Father Kelvin Ugwu has disclosed that he’s being threatened by Prophet Odumeje’s people after he called him a clown and also described him as not being a good Christian.

The catholic priest has disclosed that he is not scared of the threats he is receiving for calling Odumeje a clown. He has emphasized that Prophet Odumeje is not a Christian and also called him plywood. In a lengthy post on Facebook.

He said: In my village in Enugu, there is a particular masquerade that comes out only at night and it is not to be seen by women. If a woman sees the masquerade, something will happen to her and she will surely die.

I was curious to know what is in the eyes of women that makes them die at the sight of the masquerade whereas that same thing is not in the eyes of the men. I was also curious to know if it has ever been recorded that a woman truly died for simply seeing the masquerade.

I remembered asking my grandmother those questions. My grandma is still alive. She is now the oldest woman in the village. She is estimated to be over 100 years of age.

She told me that in truth, there was a woman that died upon seeing the masquerade. She told me how the woman was consumed with fears after seeing the masquerade accidentally. How she ran from the point where she saw the masquerade to the nearest house which was over an hour journey. How she kept shouting: “I am finished. . . I have seen what I am not supposed to see. . .someone help me!”

When she finally got to a nearby house, she collapsed. Everyone was scared to come close to her because according to them, she committed a big abomination. No one had any doubt about the fact that the woman will die, including the woman herself. And before daybreak, she died.

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