16-year-old boy makes a living from tying gele at events

A young boy who makes a living from tying gele at wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and other social events has become a viral sensation.

A Twitter user identified as @MoPride_ took to the microblogging platform to share photos of the 16-year-old boy while he was at work at an event.

She revealed that the lad identified as Pelumi, who is in SS2, charges N500 per gele and does the job expertly.

However, she urged Nigerians to help patronise the young student as some women tend to take advantage of him.

Sharing the photos, @MoPride_ wrote; ”Somebody posted this on my WhatsApp. Please let’s help this young man get more customers!”

One of the WhatsApp story post read; ”I met a talented young man today that ties gele for 500 at events. I watched him tie 2 geles in less than 10 minutes, he enjoyed it.

I love how empowered he is already, btw he is 16 years old in SS2. His mum is a makeup artist and taught his how to tie gele!”

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