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NMA apologises to Nigerians, patients over Resident Doctors strike

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has apologized to Nigerians, especially patients at various government hospitals, for the strike launched by the Nigerian Association of Resident Physicians (NARD).

Dr Enema Amodu, chairman of the NMA branch, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), pleaded in Abuja on Sunday, speaking to reporters about the NARD strike.

According to him, the association is sorry and wishes to apologize to Nigerians for this action.

Resident doctors went on strike on April 1 to pressure their demand for an upward revision of their N5000 risk allowance, the pending COVID-19 incentive allowance payment, among others.

He said “we are not insensitive; we hope that the government and those responsible for the discussion with the NARD will take it seriously, with a view to resolving the issues at stake.

“To our patients, we are sorry that you have to suffer from this irregular epileptic health care delivery; we have taken an oath to take care of you.

“But if a doctor isn’t in a healthy frame of mind and isn’t happy with what he or she gets from his or her job, the doctor may not be in the right frame of mind for him or her. perform their duty properly.

“And it will affect you invariably; by the time we are properly placed, the compensations and other welfare issues and facilities that we need to serve you, we will be able to serve you better with productive results, ”he said.

He begged all health workers, pharmacists, nurses, among others, to stop the continuing acrimony and disagreement between them. (NOPE)


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