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Nigerian lawmaker dies in road accident

Haruna Maitala Jingir, Nigerian lawmaker dies in road accident, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website
Another Reps member is dead, just a month ago Yuguda Killa from Jigawa State and also Ossy Prestige from Abia state passed on.

A serving House of Representatives member Hon. Haruna Maitala Jingir has died.

Hon. Maitala was until his death the member representing Jos North/Bassa federal constituency.

Eldest son of the deceased Ibrahim Saleh Maitala who confirmed the demise of his father said Hon. Maitala died in a fatal road crash.

According to Ibrahim, the accident claimed the lives of Jingir, his son Jafar Haruna, and his driver on Friday night, after the crash in a hospital in Keffi.

They were on their way to Jos from Abuja.

They will be buried in Jos on Saturday.

His death comes barely a month after another lawmaker, Yuguda Killa from Jigawa State, passed on.

In February, a member of the House of Representatives from Abia state, Ossy Prestige, died after a protracted sickness.

Haruna Maitala Jingir, the third member of the House of Representatives to die this year.

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