“Womanizing cost die”, Just stay faithful to one woman – OAP Osi Suave advises men

Nigerian media personality, Osi Suave has dished out an advice to his fellow men living in Lagos pertaining to having or dating multiple girlfriends.

In a series of tweets he made on his Twitter page, Osi Suave laments on the expensive nature of womanizing thus he advised men to stay faithful to one woman as he analyze the cost implications of cheating with different women

He tweeted below;

”See my lagos brothers Just stay faithful to one woman cos womanising cost die. Uni babes naim even cost pass.

  • Cab to and fro from Babcock for weekend = 30k
  • Night out at Sip = 200k
  • Lunch at Cactus = 80k
  • Thanks for coming this wekend = 30k

340 Nigerian Naira to f*ck😔😔😭😭😭

How much person dey make.

Thank God say soapy no dey kill person.

Then those IJGB babes are the worst

  • Prado and Mopol to pick her from Airport 100k
  • 3 nights at 4 points = 210k
  • Night out at Sip = 300k cos she go bring her friends

No thanks for coming here

510k just to f*ck.

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