I’ll only retire ‘when the good Lord says so’, 91 years old police officer says

A 91-year-old Arkansas police officer, LC “Buckshot” Smith says he has no plan to retire and he’ll only consider retirement “when the good lord says so.”

LC “Buckshot” Smith, whose 92nd birthday is coming up in May has worked in law enforcement for more than 56 years.

He was a sheriff deputy for 46 years before he retired — retirement that lasted for just a few short months. He quickly realized he missed the work.

Speaking on the reason he joined the police, he said he loves the excitement of being a police officer and that’s what prompted him to join the force in the 1960s.

Public Relations Officer Dana Weatherby said the beloved officer is known throughout town and everyone stops to talk when they see him. He described him as someone who is obviously not a “still person,” and that sums up his work ethic.

Texann Shadden, a training coordinator at the department, describes “Buckshot” Smith as dedicated and his many years on the force and his knowledge of the town come in handy.”

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