Lady stripped, flogged by another woman for sleeping with married men (video)

A Nigerian lady was stripped, flogged by another woman for sleeping with a married man. In a video shared on Twitter, it showed that the woman being flogged has slept with multiple married men leading to the woman flogging her to ask if there were no single guys out there. This happened in Agulu, Anambra State.

In the video the woman in orange top kept insisting that the woman removes the wrapper she’s tying and go naked.
“Let her remove the wrapper,” she said repeatedly in Igbo. “Give me that wrapper.”

Others in the background begged the woman in orange carrying canes.
“Aunty please,” They all pleaded.
Another woman begged her saying, “Should I kneel down for you? Aunty please.”But the woman was not appeased. A man stepped into the scene to say, “We’re all begging you.”

But the woman with the cane warned him saying, “Don’t cover evil.”
The man replied: “Have mercy on her. Forgive her.”

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