Peter Okoye slams fans who said Psquare would have won a grammy if he was with his brother Rudeboy

Peter Okoye has slammed trolls saying Psquare would have won a Grammy if he was still with his twin brother Rudeboy as Psquare.

According to him, the Psquare fan no longer matters to him and his brother Rudeboy as they have moved on therefore they the fans should also move on.

The singer who cleared his fans revealing he has moved on while urging fans of the defunct music group to nurse their sour and also move on. He further added the fans were one of the many reasons he broke with his brother.

In his own words, he said

If it is painful for you, it’s not painful for us. You guys don’t matter anymore. Let me say it openly, If you are a PSquare angry fan, you guys don’t matter anymore. It’s not about you guys anymore, it’s about us. Go and deal with your sour. Don’t let me hit on your guys because you guys don’t even deserve it.

Because you guys are amongst the people that contributed to the breakup. Two brothers doing their own thing, you try to say one is better than one. Una don gets wetin una want. You guys are doing that to Davido and Wizkid, maybe when they start taking arms and killing themselves, you guys will be happy. You guys go deal with your sour, we have to move on, you should move on too.

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