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Dilenma 9: Is this normal?

I have been with a girl for 3years and eventhough we are not officially married but we live together in the same house and also has a 2 year old daughter who stays with her mum.

The problem is that things were not really going well when we started but as times goes on,we were getting better and better but she wouldn’t stop checking my phone. She quarrels over everything I do even if I talk to normal femalefriends.

She wouldn’t stop checking my account statement on bank mobile app. She keep questioning my expenses and even get angry and quarrel if I help people with money. So many times we have quarrel over this and mostly she threaten to leave me and I keep begging whenever she does but this has been becoming so difficult for me to bear all alone and I need to share my word with some reasonable fellow… your advice is needed.

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