Fans blast actress, Chioma Nwaoha, for telling her kids to tap her backside (video)

Nollywood actress, Chioma Nwaoha, is currently under fire on social media for telling her daughters to tap her backside while shaking it.

The actress had taken to her Instagram page to share the video while advertising a butt enhancement brand. However, netizens were infuriated by her marketing approach and dragged her to filth.

She shared the video and wrote, “We play too much 😂😂 Watch till the end 😔.”

Reacting to the video, some netizens opined that the actress was exposing and teaching her children the wrong things.

Others stated that it was bad enough that she was shaking her a$$ in the presence of her children, but asking them to spank it was extreme.

The actress, who apparently didn’t see anything wrong in the video, asked the trolls to take their seriousness elsewhere.

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