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Social media users react as man converts 47-seater bus into mobile restaurant (photos)

A young creative entrepreneur has sparked safety concerns after transforming a 47-seater luxurious bus into a mobile restaurant.

Pictures of the restaurant named “Food In The Bus” went viral after netizens flared up with concerns about safety while others applauded the creativity that gave birth to the idea.

On the bus are moveable plastic chairs and a marble table on each side while the other end of the bus is where the cooking and serving are done.

Some Twitter users reaction below ;

I have 3 concerns?!?!
1) Cooking while serving customers won’t it be disturbing?
2) If the bus still moves, Cooking gas and petrol inside the bus what if something goes wrong?
3) Will the bus be moving around while customers are eating?

One big brand should approach you for advertising space bro. Big up

1)How did the dude get the bus and 2) wouldn’t he be making more money transporting passengers than this? 3) how safe is this considering he uses gas.

Innovative! Where is the bus goin….. For delivering or?

This is brilliant, it must be parked at a busy location depending on the target market & food that are being sold.

Now that’s being creative

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