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Police man catches a weed smoker seriously sleeping with his wife

A policeman at Kwabenya District Police Headquarters, Sergeant Oheneba Adu has had his heartbroken after he caught his wife in bed with another man. According to sources, things got bloody when he got home and found out that his wife has been cheating on him with a rowdy man.

Apparently, someone had told Sergeant Adu that his wife, Mrs Adu who is herself a police woman has been bringing another man into their matrimonial home. On Valentine’s Day when he was on duty, he got a message that his wife has brought her side man home and were about having a good time.
Sergeant Adu made his way home and lo and behold, his eyes met the truth.

Sources reveal that things got out of hand when Sergeant Adu found his wife n*ked with the man smoking weed and bonking his wife. An altercation ensued and thing got bloody with the side man pulling a knife to hurt Sergeant Adu. The case has been reported to the police station for further investigation.

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