Woman arrested for brutalising, locking her own son up for months

Woman arrested for brutalising, locking her own son up for months

A woman identified as Peace Onyebuchi has been arrested by the gender unit of Ajangbandi Police Station in Lagos State for allegedly brutalising her son and locking him up.

According to Onyebuchi, she had the 10-year-old boy in her first relationship but is currently married to another man who is in the Gambia in search of greener pastures.

It was alleged by Onyebuchi’s neighbours that she started beating the young boy since he was four years old. They added that the recent assault lasted for close to two hours as the minor sustained several injuries on his head, face, shoulders, and back.

The incident which occurred at Ajangbadi, Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos, it was reported to a human rights group, Advocates for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network, by a concerned neighbour.

The neighbour said, “This boy is six years old, his name is Divine. He doesn’t attend school anymore. Presently, Divine is looked up in a room by his mum. This torture has been going on since when Divine was four years old. His father is presently in the Gambia in search of greener pastures. This boy needs help.

“I was not even aware of the issue until recently when my landlord’s daughter told me about it. I immediately told the landlord who didn’t take the issue lightly; he immediately mobilised all the neighbours to her door and demanded that she should bring out the boy so we could see him, at least to be sure he was still alive.

“I used to see Divine in 2019 whenever he was going to school. He was a very fine young boy. He was very healthy and alive but since I had not been seeing him, I assumed he was not around. Little did we know she had been locking him up. When the landlord asked the mother to bring him out, what we saw was horrible.”

Effiezy gathered that Onyebuchi hits her son’s head against the wall at the slightest provocation.
It was gathered that personnel of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network had taken the young boy to the hospital for proper medical attention as he was unable to walk, stand, or even sit properly.

During an interview session with Peace, she reported that she was in a relationship for three years with a man called Victor in Gambia, and when she discovered she was pregnant, she told her lover. But Victor, rather than man up and take responsibilities, denied the pregnancy, abandoning Peace.

While on the streets with the pregnancy, she met another man, who took her in and brought her back to Nigeria.

She further explained that while in Nigeria, she got pregnant and had her three-year-old son, who she handles with reverence.

She accepted she had subjected Divine to serious torment and battery. It was also discovered that she stopped the boy from school after his school management threatened to call police on her because of her constant maltreatment of the boy.

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