Canada-based man warns Nigerians: “Don’t come to Canada if you can’t do chores”

Canada-based man warns Nigerians: "Don’t come to Canada if you can’t do chores"

A Nigeria man has taken to social media to narrate how he almost left Canada for his motherland.

He made interesting revelations about life in the North American country, saying that Nigerians who cannot do house chores should not think of moving to Canada.

The man with Twitter handle @Eloka51 said that contrary to general belief, Canada is quite an expensive place to find labour because people are scarce.

The man recounted how life for him in Nigeria was stress-free as nannies and other helpers did the domestic work so much that he didn’t lift so much as a finger to do any chores

However, the opposite is the case in Canada where @Eloka51 lives with his family

He wrote;

“Canada made me appreciate all the nannies that stayed with us better. If you can’t do chores, Canada is not for you. Just stay in Nigeria because as a Man, the system protects you. When we landed here, I wanted to run back to Nigeria.

“I couldn’t recall the last time I lifted a finger to do anything since I got married. There was always a nanny, cousin etc. Transitioning from Chairman lifestyle to doing chores/being involved was not easy. Unlike US or UK where you can find cheap labour, labour here is expensive because people are scarce.

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