Nigerian man marries lady he took out on Valentine’s day in 2020

Nigerian man marries lady he took out on Valentine's day in 2020

A Nigerian man has shown that love shared on Valentine’s Day can be permanent as he said that he married the person he shared the day with

A man with the Twitter handle @obiiora has shown that his love never died with the fading nature many people associate with Valentine’s Day.

His post was in response to a tweet asking people if they are still with the person they went out with last year or they did the right thing.

In the photos he shared, the man’s date could be seen smiling at him. The second frame is a monochrome photo showing the woman in a white wedding gown.

People congratulated him, others lamented that they have not been able to get a worthy partner that would date or marry them.

See their tweet below:

@Emmywhyte20 said:

“I have never celebrated valentine’s day with anyone, it is going to be the same this year too.”
@Symply_Bee said:

Another tweeted; “If I said in my whole twenty-something years I have never celebrated Valentine’s, will you be in doubt… Well I haven’t

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