Father beats up her daughter after catching her doing the #silhouettechallenge (video)

The silhouette challenge is the new craze initiated on social media and women from all walks of life have jumped on it to show their body in the name of ‘body positivity and having fun’.

The case of a young lady is different as she could not complete the video before she was caught in the act by the father. The father barged into the room just when she had gone naked under the red filter.

An irate father whipped his daughter like a goat after he caught her participating in the #SilhouetteChallenge under the red filter according to a viral video that just surfaced.

The young woman was left begging for mercy after her father caught him doing his best for the viral TikTok challenge that has caused more than we can imagine.

“Please forgive me, I will never try again …”, the young woman yelled as she laid on the ground.

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