Conor McGregor set to fight again after third retirement

UFC champion, Conor McGregor is set to return to the Octagon after a third retirement to fight Dustin Poirier.

The fight which is to hold on Sunday in Abu Dhabi Fight Island is a rematch from 2014 where McGregor took less than two minutes to knock out the American.

Having spent over a year away from the UFC since his last fight, McGregor called his time a “wild ride.”
“It’s been some ride — I’ve got it done and I’m up here,” McGregor said during his pre-fight press conference.

“Mad as a brush. I’ve been through it all. It’s been a wild ride for me. It’s not been easy at times. What a life and I tell you, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. I’m very excited to be back here. I’m very excited to have fans in here. I feel invigorated. I’m going to paint a beautiful picture inside this Octagon on Saturday night and I’m very excited to do so.

However, Poirier said he learned a lot from that defeat and six years later, he’s a very different fighter.
“I’m more prepared now on the mental side,” Poirier said. “Before, when I was younger, I didn’t put a whole lot into the mental side of fighting. I listened to critics. I listened to the opinions of people. I listened to Conor.

“I got frustrated and caught up in all the war of words leading up to the fight. And he’s one of the best at that, getting under your skin, making you upset. Now, that’s just noise to me.”

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