I can never date a short guy not to talk of marry one – Alex

Reality TV star Asogwa Alexandra popularly known as Alex Unusual has let out a vital information about her love life and relationship status.

Alex was in a conversation with some of her folks when she disclosed this. She said 2018 was the last time she was in a relationship and she would prefer to be with a tall guy, rather than a short guy.
One of her friends at the background asked what if God’s desire for her is a short guy, then she answered he has to steal her heart first of all.

However, the media personality said if relationship doesn’t work out, she’d then go for artificial insemination and have her children.

Alex said;

“The last time i was in a relationship was 2018…he has to be tall…for now, nobody that is short has steal my heart…love will find me…that’s number one criteria please…don’t bother…let me just go and do artificial insemination and have my children and know i am not married

Her folks however advised her to give love a chance, let love into her heart and also encouraged her not to be blinded by her choices.

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