South African Man wins N506 million lottery, shortly after his girlfriend dumped him

A man, down on his luck after his girlfriend broke up with him, couldn’t believe how his fortunes changed when he won R60 million (N506Million).

He won the huge money on Fridays PowerBall draw making him a quick millionaire.

According to the South African man, he doesn’t have any plan on leaving his current job but invest most of the money, while he keeps working in the financial sector.

In a statement made by TimeLive, the lucky man is in his 30s and works as a financial professional.

However, the man added, he was stunned after discovering he won, saying this was the highest lucky win. He also revealed, his Ex-girlfriend broke up with him, leaving him heart broken.

He plans on using his expertise in the financial sector to invest most of the winnings which he said would be easy and giving out some to people in need.

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