Reps want school resumption to be postponed by three months

The House has faulted the Federal Government for approving that schools resume on Monday.

The House claims that officials did not consult the relevant committees of the National Assembly, contrary to their claim that all relevant stakeholders were consulted before arriving at January 18, 2021, resumption date.

Prof Julius Ihonvbere, Chairman of the House Committee on Basic Education and Services said he was not consulted and no member of the committee was carried along stating that they are not seen as part of important stakeholders.

“They did not consult us; at least in my committee, nobody from the ministry spoke to me. I have been in Abuja. And I am not sure that they spoke to any of my members. They just don’t see us as part of the critical stakeholders,” he said.

Ihonvbere noted in the statement that the committee is concerned especially as infection rate hovers above 1,000 daily and schools are being reopened as schools were closed when infection rate was around 500 daily.

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