US okays first death execution of woman in decades

Lisa Montgomery, 52, is set to receive a lethal injection later Wednesday in Terre Haute, Indiana, after a series of legal rulings, becoming the first woman to be executed by federal authorities since 1953.

The Court ruled in favour of the Trump administration, giving the Bureau of Prisons the authority to proceed with her execution.

In 2004, she killed a pregnant 23-year-old woman in order to steal her baby.

Under the guise of buying a puppy, Montgomery went to Stinnett’s home, where she strangled her to death and cut the baby from her body. She left Stinnett dead in a pool of blood.

In 2007, she was convicted of kidnapping resulting in death and handed a death sentence.

Her defenders believe that she suffers from severe mental health issues stemming from the abuse she suffered as a child. According to them, she does not understand the meaning of her sentence, a prerequisite for execution.

Montgomery’s execution date was originally set for last month December 2020, but a stay was put in place after her attorneys contracted Covid-19.

It was then rescheduled for 12 January by the Justice Department. But Montgomery’s lawyers argued that the date could not be set while a stay was in place.

If the execution goes ahead, she will be the first female federal inmate to be put to death in almost 70 years.

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