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Government In Talks with Scientists Who Claim UK Coronavirus Variant Has Been in Nigeria For Months

, Government In Talks with Scientists Who Claim UK Coronavirus Variant Has Been in Nigeria For Months, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Covid-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu, has revealed that the PTF is in touch with Professor Christian Happi, who alongside Ify Aniebo led a group to carry out a study, where they found that the United Kingdom’s ‘lineage B.1.1.7,’ a mutant variant of the Covid-19 virus, has been existing in Nigeria for months.

Professor Happi of the Redeemers University reported the collection of samples from Osun State in August and October, both of which showed the presence of the new variant.

“We have reached out to Professor Happi to seek additional clarifications with regards to this and we are also talking to NCDC. What is really vital at this stage is to immediately do sequencing,” Dr. Aliyu said.

“I know the sequencing that Professor Happi’s group have done in the past involved about 250 samples, so that’s really low. What we need to do and most of the things he did I think were in August or September, so we are much much further down the line now and what we need to do is to make sure that we sequence as many outlets as we have now,” he said.

According to Dr. Aliyu, the new Covid variant found in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia is more transmissible based on grove studies, but there was however no human epidemiological link that suggests that the strain is more deadly.

“Just to allay public anxiety, the strain that has been described in the UK and also now in South Africa and in Australia and in some other countries, has shown that it is more transmissible based on grove studies,” Dr. Aliyu said.

“But there’s no human epidemiological link that suggests that it is more deadly at the moment and certainly, with coronaviruses, they always tend to change, that’s why if you catch a common cold for instance and you get better, the next day if you see someone with a cold, you are just as likely to go down again with it.

“They are strains that continue to replicate very quickly, so it’s no surprise that we have a new strain that is being described at the moment. But it’s still early days yet in terms of the science and even within the UK, there’s still a lot of debate as to how different it is from previous strains.

“We are not trying to say we should ignore the problem, we had a very long discussion yesterday at the PTF, a debate that lasted well over an hour with different aspects being looked at and we’ll continue to monitor this very closely. We’ve already asked Professor Happy to provide us with additional clarification because they’ve been working for the NCDC as well.”

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