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American music mogul Diddy celebrate mum with gifts as she marks her birthday

Sean ‘Diddy’ gifted his mum Janice with $ 1 million and a new Bentley in celebration of her 80 th birthday at a lavish dinner in Los Angeles on Monday.
The 51 years old rapper, proved that nothing was too good for his mother as he presented her with the big money cheque in front of guests at her birthday party.

Diddy then led his mum outside where he revealed a brand new Bentley on the driveway for her as their friends gathered around to watch.

Janice appeared overwhelmed by the presents as she covered her face and fought back tears.
She embraced her generous son in a room filled with their family and friends. Diddy held the bash at a Los Angeles mansion and shared clips of the moments he led his mom down the stairs, which had been decorated for the festive season.

They later sat down at a dinner table laden with red roses and candles which appeared to have been set for around 40 guests. Diddy praised his ‘kind’ and vivacious’ mother in a sweet speech.

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