3 Ways of dealing with a rude girlfriend

Dating a rude girlfriend should be one of the most unfavourable things that can ever befall any man.

It is bad for any man in the sense that if you are not careful as a man, you might resort to raising your hands on her thus leading to domestic violence and even probably giving her an undeserved injury.

One thing you need to understand in the bid to deal with your rude girlfriend is to understand that she is not compelled to date you. Being with you is just a choice and you have no right to raise a finger on her. Just sit tight and read the 3 calm ways of dealing with her.

  1. Know Whether She Loves you or Not: one sure of way of dealing with her is by pulling stunts to prove her love for you. If she loves you, then you need to calmly master what she dislikes and what she likes but if she doesn’t love you anymore, then there is no need, the respect and love is gone and gone forever. Just break up with her on a smooth lane and go your way.

  2. Don’t Always Apologize: one thing guys do that makes their rude girlfriends continually remain rude is apologising even when they aren’t wrong. This is very wrong, if you observe your girlfriend is a rude lady, just apologise when necessary and sometimes ignore her when you know you are not at fault. That way, she will learn not to take you for a ride.

  3. Value and Respect Yourself: another way of dealing with a rude girlfriend is by respecting yourself. They say respect is reciprocal, so you need to be very careful while dealing with her never make it all about her, ensure you treat yourself with value and Respect as well and you will see her change for the better.

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