Hoodlums attack Presidential Task Force at Tin Can Port (Video)

Scores of hoodlums led by Mr. Taofeek popularly known as Tao attacked members of the Presidential Task Force and truck drivers at the Tin Can Port second gate in a bid to prevent the Presidential Task Force from putting a stop to their illegal activity of passing trucks without authorization.

The Presidential Task Force had successfully cleared the road for free movement of trucks into and out of the port but this was unacceptable to the hoodlums who had hitherto constituted themselves into the lord and master of the road, deciding unilaterally which truck could enter the port and which truck could not. Of course, the truckers were only allowed into the port after the payment of large sums of money to the hoodlums.

The hoodlums, in collaboration with some unscrupulous elements in the haulage industry, had reigned supreme on the road before the intervention of the Presidential Task Force.

While they were illegally in charge, there was an endless queue of trucks on all the roads leading into Apapa.

It should therefore surprise no one that they would resist the intervention of the Presidential Task Force.

During the altercation, the hoodlums threw stones and sticks in a bid to chase members of the Presidential Task Force away from the road.

They attempted to burn the police patrol vehicle but were unsuccessful.

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They later vandalized the vehicle.

Following the attack, the Presidential Task Force, including the civilian members, withdrew from the area without responding to the attack and provocation by the hoodlums.

Throughout the confrontation, the Team Leader, SP Femi Iwasokun prevailed on his men to remain calm and directed them to withdraw from the scene in an orderly manner.

There was no shooting of bullets or teargas and there was no fatality. While it is true that several people sustained injuries, none was life threatening or fatal and reports of the shooting of one Adamu by the Police was clearly stage managed by the hoodlums to gain sympathy.

The video here do not contain any shooting. Instead, it provides evidence of the orderly withdrawal of Policemen and the civilian members of the Presidential Task Force from the area.

See the video below:

The continued presence of hoodlums in the Apapa area is inimical to the conduct of business by operators in the haulage industry and should be checked by concerned authorities.

However, there is need for all stakeholders to embrace peace and unity so that there will be progress in the industry, ISMAIL OLAOYE, Stakeholder in haulage industry said.

Source: Voiceairmedia

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