Expectations of Improved US-Africa Relations Will Amount to Disappointment – Proffesor Obiozor

Former Nigerian Ambassador to the US and Israel, Professor George Obiozor has disclosed that expectations of improved relations between Africa and the US following the victory of Joe Biden as President-elect will amount to disillusionment and disappointment.

“Africa is incrementally not in any column of America’s vital interest except when it comes to the area of trading and that trading does not mean African trading capacity increasing, because we don’t have too much trade to do with the US,” Prof Obiozor said.

Since being called the President-elect of the US by major networks in America, Joe Biden has been receiving felicitations from African leaders who habour hopes of better ties between the African continent and the United States.

The former Ambassador however said “American foreign policy hardly changes, and is determined by America’s strategic military interest.

“Africa should determine and start on self-reliance and not be expecting what others will do for us. African leaders should actually know what to do about their own development, initiatives priorities. So the United States of America under Biden will be the United States under Trump with one exception, personality, attitude.

“There is not going to be any concession for Africa because Biden is in power. There is no special exception from the rules of reciprocal diplomacy. The foreign policy of nations is not a picnic but is based on the national interest of that country.”

According to Prof. Obiozor, at the time when Africa’s expectations of having improved relations with the US were highest, with America at the time having an African American as president, it became worse for Africa.

“At a time Africa had the highest expectations that relations with the United States of America will be dramatically improved in all its dimensions, which is the military-strategic interest of Africa and America will have some mutuality it didn’t work.

“Economic magic or even complete marshall plan for Africa from the US excessive resources, that didn’t happen. This shows you that most American foreign policies in Africa are very constant, anybody comes and glosses over it and goes, including our own man (a veiled reference to former US President Barrack Obama),” he said.

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