#EndSARS Protests were sponsored against the North – Senator Abdullahi Adamu claims

senator abdullahi adamu
According to Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the #EndSARS protest which was staged to kick against police brutality was funded by some eminent Nigerians to discredit the North.

Adamu, who was the Nasarawa state governor between 1999 and 2007, had an interview with DailyTrust where he described the protests as “machinations against northern interest”.

According to him, this ‘nonsense’ is happening today because ‘one of us is President. He opined that if Presiden Buhari were not from the north, “you will never see this kind of nonsense”.

”Some prominent Nigerians have made claims to that effect, just about a month or six weeks after their prophecy of doom became manifest with the EndSARS protests. We believe that from the little information we got when the protests were taking place, the actual timing was not what the young people really wanted.

At some points, some people, somewhere, who had ulterior motives against the government wanted to use the labour strike against the government to foment trouble and destabilise the country.

Fortunately, the negotiation between labour and the government was successful, leading to labour calling off their intended strike. The government handled this situation very well. But the issue of police was a bit hasty because it has affected the morale of the police.

We saw some machinations against northern interest in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One of us is the president today. And you will never see this kind of nonsense when a non-northerner is there. I am sorry and regret to say this, but that is the reality and the truth.”

Asked to name those allegedly behind the protests, Adamu said, “we do not want to start mentioning individual names at the moment. If it comes to that, we will”.

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Adamu’s comment comes barely a week after the Northern Governor’s Forum condemned the protests, arguing that it is a ploy to push for regime change.

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