EndSARS: Protesters Shouldn’t Give up Because of a Few Gunshots – Tunde Bakare

A former Vice-Presidential candidate and Senior Pastor, Citadel Global Community Church, Tunde Bakare says he hopes the #EndSARS protestors continue with demonstrations and don’t give up because of a few gunshots.

Bakare said part of the legacy president Buhari should leave behind should include fishing out those who ordered the military to shoot at protesters.

“These young men and women have found their voice and I trust God that they are not going to go back because of a few gunshots, there are others who paid a heavier price in the past.

“It is regrettable that the military could shoot or anybody who shot into those people. It is painful and it is unexpected and therefore somewhere along the line part of his legacy is to fish out who ordered the military and all the denials and hiding under the umbrella of one finger will dent his administration because he is the commander-in-chief,” Bakare said.

The outspoken cleric was of the view that the onus is now on President Buhari to fish out those who ordered the military even if it means apologizing to Nigerians.

“He must fish out those who shot if it means apologizing for the blunder that took place on that black Tuesday, then he must humble himself and apologize to the nation and say we are sorry for what has happened,” he said.

According to him the President still has enough time to leave a lasting legacy and ensure that promises that were made in the manifesto of the governing All Progressives Congress are fulfilled.

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