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Operation Burst: Soldiers who was videoed assaulting a lady in Oyo State Have allegedly been arrested

A video recently went viral showing a soldier flogging a lady in Oyo State. The girl could be seen sitting on the floor while she was being flogged with what looked like a belt. It was alleged that he was flogging her for dressing indecently. The soldier could also be seen in the extension of the video cutting the hair of a man who was also sitting on the floor.

The video went viral and got a lot of people concerned as they felt it was very disturbing. An Honorable of Sports in Oyo State known as Seun Fakorede released a post on Twitter, claiming that the soldiers in the viral video have been arrested.

In the post he wrote “My ears are full with the news of unlawful activities of some soldiers of the Nigeria over the weekend. I have immediately reached out to the commandant of the operation burst, and I have been assured that the men have been arrested, and taken to the barracks. They would be dealt with accordingly, this will not repeat itself again in Oyo State”.

It was, however, gathered that the state government has ordered that the officers involved in the dastardly act be immediately dismissed from the security outfit. It also demanded that the military authority carry out a proper investigation and the erring soldiers be sanctioned accordingly.

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