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Soldier flogs lady for indecent dressing in public (video)

Soldiers were introduced into various states that were experiencing chaos that trailed what began as a peaceful protest. Some soldiers have adopted what may be considered as harsh measures, in other to restore normalcy

Some of their harsh measures have not been welcomed by many, especially those who have been at the receiving end. A soldier was caught on camera flogging a lady shortly after his colleague forcibly shaved the hairs of a young man, simply because it was styled.

From the video, the lady was made to sit on the floor and she could be heard pleading with the soldier not to hit her but he turned deaf ears to her plead and hit her a couple of times, and when she could no longer bear the pains she let out a scream

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The person who shared the video said it happened in Ibadan, Oyo State and the soldier punished the girl simply because of indecent dressing.

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