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Buhari’s Profile Once So High, Now So Low – Pastor Bakare

A former Vice-Presidential candidate and Senior Pastor, Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s rating and profile have gone very low despite assuming office in 2015 with a high profile and attributed it to wicked counsel from wicked counsellors around the president.

“When Buhari came into power his profile, his posture and everything was so high, and if you look at it today, it is so low and that’s the truth,” said Bakare, who was the running mate of Buhari in the 2011 presidential election.

“One of the things that God will do for President Buhari is that I pray that God will deliver him from wicked counsel and wicked counsellors who tell him life is sweet, everything is going on well, but they are not giving him reports on the street of what’s happening in our nation,” Bakare, added.

He said, “the #EndSARS is not just about police brutality but about governance, that’s why I changed the acronym SARS from Special Anti-robbery Squad to State Aided Robbery Squad, because the man in the ministry and the contractor outside who are inflating contracts, they are SARS too.

“Those in the National Assembly who are padding the budget and voting useless constituency projects and allowances, they are part of SARS. The judiciary, those in the bench, who are removing the blindfold from the justice lady and looking at the rich and the poor and favoring the rich in their judgment, they are part of the SARS.

“Let us not limit it to police brutality. Look at the police, how much do you pay them, what is their welfare package, where do they live what’s the condition of where they live.

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“You are putting arms in the hands of people who are already depressed before going out, so under pressure, they pull the trigger and kill the citizens. Police brutality is already rooted in the way they are trained, in the way they are remunerated or compensated for the services they render to the nation. So it is not just about the Buhari administration but about all the government in Nigeria from 1999 to date who have misgoverned the country because we are still battling with the same issues after so many years of democracy.

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