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Macron imposes fresh lockdown as COVID-19 spreads in France

Macron imposes fresh lockdown as COVID-19 spreads in France

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday a new coronavirus lockdown until at least December 1, hoping to bring under control an outbreak that is poised to overwhelm hospitals in a matter of days.

“The virus is spreading across France at a speed that even the most pessimistic did not predict,” Macron said in a highly anticipated television address.

He admitted that a curfew for Paris and other major cities imposed two weeks ago had failed to stop a second wave of cases that has sent the death toll in France to nearly 35,000.

“As elsewhere in Europe, we are overwhelmed by a second wave that will probably be more difficult and deadly than the first, ” Macron said.
“If we did nothing … within a few months we would have at least 400,000 additional deaths,” he said.

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Already more than 3,000 intensive care patients are forcing hospitals to scramble for beds, and “no matter what we do, nearly 9,000 people will be in intensive care by mid November,” he warned.

The Sante Publique France health agency on Wednesday reported 244 new virus deaths over the past 24 hours, and more than 36,000 new positive tests.

Starting Thursday night, bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses will be forced to close, and written statements will be required for people to leave their homes.
“Stay at home as much as possible, and respect the rules, ”he urged.

But unlike during the two month lockdown imposed last spring, students up to high-school level will continue to go to school

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