Videos showing Nigerian soldiers shooting protesters is not fake – Atlantic Council’s DFRLab

Nigerian Army denies involvement in Lekki Toll Gate shooting despite clear video evidence all over

The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) has stated that footages showing Nigerian soldiers open fire on End SARS protesters are not fake.

The Nigerian Army had claimed that clips on October 20 Lekki toll gate attack were “photoshopped.”

The military hierarchy inferred that videos on social media should be ignored.

The declaration sparked condemnations as Nigerians referred to the live recording by DJ Switch.

The audience listened as protestors recited the national anthem in the dark while waving their flags as gunshots fired by soldiers rented the air.

On Friday, DJ Switch reiterated that more than twelve people were murdered in cold-blood.
She displayed some bullets and spent casings unloaded on unarmed demonstrators.
The survivor also revealed that the police officers later tried to disperse them with tear gas.

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DFRLab report on the incident says analysis confirms the genuineness of the videos.

The reports said despite denials by the Nigerian Army, “open source evidence links the presence of Nigerian soldiers at the Lekki Toll Gate at the same time as the first reports of shooting came in”.

DFRLab concluded that recordings also showed Lekki toll gate protestors, who had been peaceful in the preceding 11 days, bloodied and injured in the presence of soldiers.

The United States has urged Nigeria to prosecuted all those involved in the shooting

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