Food scarcity looms in South East over attacks on farmers by herdsmen – ASETU

Food scarcity looms in South East over attacks on farmers by herdsmen – ASETU

Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU) has raised the alarm of imminent food scarcity and hunger in the South East following persistent attacks on farmers by armed herdsmen.

The group, in a statement by its National President,f Emeka Diwe and Secretary, Gideon Adikwuru, said farmers in the region, especially women have abandoned their farmlands for fear of molestation or killing by rampaging Fulani herders who invade farmlands looking for pasture for their cattle.

ASETU which decried the rise in insecurity in recent months in the zone, said if the attacks on farmers was not stopped, the region would be faced with food supply crisis.

“Agricultural productivity has fallen so badly because rural farmers have no illusion that their lives are no longer safe working on their farmlands. With its attendant impact on food security, hunger has become the lot of vast majority of our people. Day after day, lives of our people are unnecessarily lost in the hands of bandits, herdsmen and insurgents..Only last week, another reprehensible attack by herdsmen occurred in Ebonyi State. The inability of the authorities to rise to the occasion and bring the perpetrators to book has now pushed women of the affected communities into the streets to protest and register their disgust and frustrations with a sovereign nation which has displayed unchanging incapacitation to deploy its coercive apparatus to protect its ostensible citizens,” the group said.

The group also lamented the precarious situation Igbo had found itself in Nigeria even as the country clocked 60.

“We see ourselves in a Nigeria that is now defined and defiled by unbearable injustices against the Igbo. A section of this country has monopolised all the instruments of state and all the resources of the country and has imposed itself on the rest of the country and has forged a master-servant relationship between itself and the rest of the ethnic nationalities.

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