Two Nigerians arrested in Vietnam for drug trafficking

Two Nigerians were, on Thursday, arrested by Anti-narcotics police in Ho Chi Minh City, for trafficking methamphetamine.

The suspects; Ochie Paul Ejike, and his 35-year-old Vietnamese wife and business partner Ly Moc Kiu, along with fellow Nigerian Chukwuemeka Confidence Onyiriuka prior to their arrest were identified as “major figures” in a drug trafficking ring monitored by police for several months

The police had found three kilograms of meth hidden in tea packages inside her storage compartment with Kiu after she was searched.

Kiu confesses to investigators that she used to sell clothes before she married Ochie and switched to trading drugs, assisted by various Nigerians.

It was reported that Kiu every week received five to seven kilograms of meth, which she delivered to her partners. She earned VND70 million per kg, investigators reported.

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According to top police officers, Ho Chi Minh City, also commonly referred to as Saigon, has been a transit hub for drugs trafficked from the Golden Triangle. Drugs are moved from there to Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and even Europe, Australia and Latin America.

Meanwhile those convicted of possessing or smuggling more than 600g of heroin or over 2.5 kg of methamphetamine in Vietnam face death.

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