Man roll on the floor screaming “I no dey do again”

Man roll on the floor screaming "I no dey do again"

A video has been seen trending of a young man who came down from his car and started rolling on the floor, mixing himself with sand in the community. This action he put up made passerbys to come around and started asking him what happened.

While rolling himself, he was heard saying “am not doing again”. After saying that for a couple of time, he also added “Please come and carry your money and go”. He kept saying this before he was finally brought to sit down by the community boys. They began asking him what did he meant by “I no do again”, which he gave no reply to.

What could have really been the cause of the act this man pulled up.

Who knows what he must have done to get his money, for him to be saying please carry your money and go.

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