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MURIC wants special prisons, courts for corrupt Nigerians

The Muslims Rights Concern (MURIC) an NGO, has called for the establishment of special courts to try corruption cases in Nigeria and special prisons for convicts.

It also wants the convicted corrupt Nigerians to be chained 24/7 in prison.

The Director of the group, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, made the call on Tuesday in a statement in Abuja.

Akintola said, the call became necessary considering the dangers that corruption posess to the peace, development and security of the nation.

“Although the war against corruption has registered some significant victory in some areas, it is very glaring that many cases are being delayed in courts courtesy of legal technicalities.

”Many individuals are hiding under the provision of some legal clauses to delay, frustrate their trial and subsequently escape justice.

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“Special courts will remove such obstacles and ensure that cases are speedily and efficiently disposed” he said.
Akintola also reiterated the need for National Assembly to ensure that the establishment of Special courts became a reality.

Akintola said, those who rob the poor citizens of the opportunity to have access to life more abundant do not deserve to roam freely on the streets.

“A special prison should be constructed for those who steal pensioners money. The inmates of this jail should be in chains 24-7.

”Rapists should be castrated while kidnappers should be given long jail terms and this reclassification of punishments will deter criminally-minded Nigerians” Akintola said.

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