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Malaysia bans arrivals from countries with over 150,000 COVID-19 cases

Malaysia said on Thursday that it would deny entry to people from countries that had reported more than 150,000 cases of coronavirus global pandemic.

Malysia’s Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said this at a news conference on Thursday.

“We will add more countries deemed high-risk. Their citizens will be barred,” the minister said.

The ban will cover countries such as the U.S, France and Malaysia’s former coloniser Britain and will come into effect on Monday.

According to official statistics collated by Johns Hopkins University, 23 countries have recorded more than 150,000 cases of the virus.

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Some above the threshold, such as Germany and Italy, recorded the bulk of their cases several months ago, while many smaller countries with lower cumulative case numbers have higher incidences of active or new cases per capita.

The revised ban comes after long-term or work visa holders from India, Indonesia, and the Philippines were told last week that they would be denied entry.

In place since the government imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 18, a ban on all tourist arrivals has been extended until the end of the year.

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