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Semi-naked man brandishes sword in London street as passer-by tries to disarm him

It was drama and chaos as a semi-naked man wearing just his underwear was caught wildly waving a giant sword on a south London street.

The man was seen swinging the blade around as brave eyewitnesses tried to calm him down and attempt to remove the weapon from him but the more they try coming closer to him as they attempt to reason with him, the more he spun around, forcing them to flee as he wildly waved the knife.

Eye witness Ryan Harris, 23, told MailOnline he heard the commotion on the high street, and looked out his window to see the man holding the weapon.

“My housemate and I could hear commotion for a good five to ten minutes, but thought nothing of it as we live by the high street,” he said.
“It got louder and we looked out my window and could see the man standing with a long thin blade.
“He looked as if he was following someone but I couldn’t tell who, he didn’t seem aggressive but rather trying to intimidate someone.
‘The way he held it behind his back was almost like he wasn’t trying to be threatening.”

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Met Police arrived at the scene minutes after reports of the incident at around midday yesterday.

Ryan added that another person then took the blade from the half-naked man and threw it on the floor when they arrived.

The man didn’t try and resist arrest and the cops took him away quickly.

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