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Mistaken Identify: Nigerian Mathias Ometu arrested by Texas police while jogging

A Nigerian-American Mattias Ometu has been forcefully arrested by police in San Antonio, Texas while jogging. And they almost choked him to death.

His offence was that he was “jogging while black”, and he happened, in their warped imagination, to fit the image of another blackman said to be involved in a nearby domestic violence incident.

The suspect the police were looking for was Darren Anthony Smith, who does not in any way resemble Ometu, except that both are black.

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Ometu, 33, spent two days in the Bexar County Jail following the illegal arrest on Tuesday.
In a petition to Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson-Lee, US-based Nigerian rights activist, Emmanuel Ogebe, said Ometu, an insurance professional was arbitrarily apprehended under mistaken identity.

He was “manhandled and unjustly arrested despite there being no factual basis for such action”.
The San Antonio Police Department has since acknowledged that Ometu was not the suspect its men were looking for.

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