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Innocent Man killed trying to settle dispute between Naval officers and spare parts seller


About five naval officers have killed a man identified as Collins Osagie over a dispute on N250. Osagie, 34, a mechanical engineer, was trying to settle a dispute between a naval officer, Awosanya Olufemi, and a spare parts seller when he was killed.

The naval officer with tag number X8921 was angry that Osagie tried to settle the dispute and called his colleagues to brutalise him, eyewitnesses explained to our source

Osagie was severely assaulted and left for the dead by the officers before he was rushed to a hospital where he eventually died of complications and internal bleeding.

Sunday, a relative of Osagie, who spoke with our source, narrated the incident, saying Osagie was working in the area when he heard a noise and stepped in to intervene and settle the matter.

“While he was working for one of his customers in the area, the naval officer and a spare part seller were arguing over a plug of N250. The naval officer came to return a plug he bought the previous day but the seller did not want to collect it.

“Osagie went there to settle the fight, he brought out N250 from his pocket to settle the matter but the naval officer said he embarrassed him by trying to give him the money.

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“He then called four of his colleagues to come to the place. The seller got to know that he has called his colleagues and quickly ran away.

“When the colleague arrived, the naval officer, Olufemi, pointed to Osagie, and they started beating him.

“People told them that Osagie was not involved and he only came to settle the fight, so they rescued him,” Sunday explained.

He added that not satisfied with the assault on Osagie, the soldiers waylaid him at night when he was going home and further brutalized him and left him for the dead.

He said, “When he was going home at night, unknowingly to him, the soldiers hung around and waylaid him. “They descended on him again and beat him mercilessly, hitting him with sticks.

“They left him there bleeding while some Hausas who sleep around rushed him to Kena Hospital, Isashi, but he did not survive as he bled so much and sustained internal injuries.”

Sunday said the issue had been reported with the naval officer arrested and currently detained at the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, for further interrogation.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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