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You can learn from everyone, even the devil –Ashimolowo

You can learn from everyone, even the devil –Ashimolowo

The Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre, Matthew Ashimolowo, says a wise person learns from everyone, “even from the devil”.

He made this known in a sermon titled, ‘Decoding The Bible For Wealth Creation’ aired on Channels Television on Thursday evening.

The clergy, who also said most of those studying business management in universities were hardly able to manage any business, attributed the business success of the Igbos to their ability to perfect a training model for themselves.

He said, “Who is wise? One who learns from all people, even from the devil, you can learn something from him, at least he is persistent and he is restless – he is always working. God asked him one time; He (God) said, ‘Where are you coming from?’ He (devil) said, ‘Up and down and everywhere. To and fro and up and down, covering all base.’ You can learn that from the devil.

Take a clue from guys who run businesses, who now own real estates, the area where my family has a house, 60 per cent of the houses now belong to them while others are busy having parties every weekend. Coronavirus has killed their parties but this particular tribe have learnt how to train a man.

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“They will take a boy that the parents don’t have money, they will sponsor him to school, send him to uni (versity). Sometimes it is even better, send him to a master when he finishes secondary school. He is 14 years old. He learns how to sell for seven years. At the end of the training, the master gives him small money and opens a shop for him. Phew! He is launched! You find out that in a few years time, he begins to have people under him. Much have I learnt from my masters and from my colleagues.

“Some people have never learnt from anyone. When you meet them, they want to impress you with their ecclesiastical appellations or they want to impress you with their degrees. Because he has two honorary doctorates, so his name starts with Dr Dr.”

Ashimolowo also noted that Christians have become ashamed of their religion.

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