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‘I killed them both’ – Pennsylvania man, confesses to killing the two mothers of his children

'I killed them both' - Pennsylvania man, confesses to killing the two mothers of his children

A Pennsylvania man has confessed to killing the two mothers of his children because he thought one was cheating on him and then feared the other would tell cops about the murder, according to police.

Davone Unique Anderson, 25, of Carlisle, allegedly shot dead Sydney Parmelee and Kaylee Lyons, both 23, in two separate attacks just weeks apart last month.

Anderson told officers he shot Parmelee in the head at Lyons’ home on East Louther Street, Carlisle, on July 5 because he thought she was cheating on him, according to arrest documents.

He said he then killed Lyons at the same home on July 30 because he was concerned she would give him out to the police for killing Parmelee, the documents say.

The two women, who went to high school together, both had children with their suspected killer.

Parmelee, a nursing student at Harrisburg Area Community College, had a daughter with Anderson and had given birth to a son by him in March.

Lyons and Anderson had a toddler son together and she was also six weeks’ pregnant with his baby at the time of her slaying.

Police said Anderson admitted to cops ‘I killed them both’ after he was picked up by officers on July 31.

Police were called to reports of a suicide at the property on July 5 where they found Parmelee with a gunshot wound to the head, PennLive reported.

Anderson allegedly told cops at the time Parmelee had followed him to the home where they got into an argument.

Police said the suspect said he had gone outside to smoke when he heard a gunshot ring out.
He allegedly told cops he went back inside to found Parmelee’s body on the couch next to the 14-month-old son he shares with Lyons.

Anderson said ‘he and Parmelee were in a relationship, had two children together and had recently been going through a separation,’ officers wrote.

‘Anderson appeared calm, answering questions in a monotone manner,’ they added.

However, police said evidence at the scene indicated Parmelee’s death was not a suicide but a homicide.
They said investigators found no evidence she wanted to commit suicide and there was there no gunpowder burns to indicate she shot herself.

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An investigation was launched into her death.

Police then responded to another 911 call at the home on July 30 of reports of someone in cardiac arrest.

Officers said they arrived on the scene to find Lyons with a gunshot wound to the head.

They said they found the child alone in the house with the shooting victim.

A witness also allegedly told cops Anderson had gone to a home in the Harrisburg area soon after Lyons’ shooting, where he got a change of clothes and some bleach.
The witness claimed Anderson didn’t want anyone to know where he was, had a gun, and asked about being tracked.
Lyons was rushed to hospital where she died the following day. Her unborn baby also died.
Anderson was arrested the next day on July 31 while driving Lyons’ Honda Civic and allegedly confessed to the grisly crimes later that day.

‘Anderson made an excited utterance to a correction officer that he “killed them both”,’ investigators said.
He told officers ‘I killed Sydney’ because he believed she was being unfaithful to him, they said.

He is thought to have shot her with a stolen gun before trying to stage the scene as a suicide.

Police said he then told cops ‘I killed Kaylee too’ – shooting her with her own gun because he feared she would turn him in to the authorities for killing Parmelee.

Anderson is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the slayings of the two women as well as one count of first-degree murder of an unborn child for the death of his and Lyons’ unborn child.

He is also charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of children, two counts of persons not to possess firearms and one count of theft by receiving stolen property.

He is expected to appear in court later this month.

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