American Billionaire Daughter Commits Suicide

American Billionaire Daughter Commits Suicide

Daughter of a American billionaire and co owner of New York Giant have committed suicide after unable to overcome depression battling her for several years. Hillary Tisch, aged 36, was known to be a responsible woman with smiles and a good heart to help others especially the less privileged until she commit suicide in her apartment.

Her father, Steve Tisch, is an American film producer and also a businessman with over a billion dollar has net worth. The 71 year old man expressed his pain and also his family’s griefs over the death of their daughter. Hillary Tisch worked at a charitable hospital where free surgeries was offered to children and young adults born with cleft lips and cleft palates.

She was also a jewelry designer and a gemologist. She co-founded the jewelry business and also like the business of collecting and selling vintage objects and materials. She was not married and much of her personal life is not disclosed to the public. During interview with journalist, her father asked for the privacy of her daughter as the family does not wish to disclose her personal life with them.

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She died during the weekend after taking poison and was rushed to the hospital where she died shortly after. The rate at which people take their lives in this century is very alarming. This shows that both the rich and poor are not immune to depression, and anyone who is getting depressed should seek for help immediately.

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