Shoprite exit: Nigerians react as thousands faces job loss

Shoprite exit: Nigerians react as thousands faces job loss

Thousands of Nigerians may lose their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic as Shoprite plans exit from the country.

Effiezy reported earlier that Shoprite Holdings Limited, a South African company with hundreds of outlets in Nigeria and workers announced plans to discontinue its operations in Nigeria.

This decision has generated reactions from Nigerians on social media who expressed worry over the increase in unemployment rate.

Some described the planned exit of Shoprite as a negative scorecard which may discourage international investors from Nigeria.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Dammiedammie35 “ So Shoprite is leaving Nigeria, thousands of people will be without jobs now, other thousands depending on those people’s incomes, my new neighbor works with Shoprite in Ibadan and he has three kids, his wife is a private school teacher and haven’t worked in a while, so many people like that.”

@Sirleodasilva “ No economic plans, just vibes, copy and paste from other countries. This is what happens when the best minds are not the ones leading your country. The economic ignorance will kill businesses or their policies will do so. I just hope Shoprite jobs will not be all lost.”

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@Olisinho_ “ The business is not closing down, another consortium will buy it and continue business but probably some jobs might be lost as there would be downsizing to hasten profitability and getting back on the right track.”

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